JFS Adoption Home Studies

The home study is a written report of the findings of the adoption worker who has met with the prospective adoptive parent(s) on several occasions, both individually and together. At least one meeting will occur in the prospective adoptive parent’s home. If there are other people living in the home, they also will be interviewed by the adoption worker.

In general, the following information is included in the home study:

  • Personal and family background-including upbringing, siblings, key events,
    and what was learned from them
  • Significant people in the lives of the applicants
  • Marriage and family relationships
  • Motivation to adopt
  • Expectations for the child
  • Feelings about infertility (if this is an issue)
  • Parenting and integration of the child into the family
  • Family environment
  • Physical and health history of the applicants
  • Education, employment and finances-including insurance coverage
    and child care plans if needed
  • References and criminal background clearances
  • Summary and social worker's recommendation

Home studies are conducted to evaluate a prospective adoptive parent’s desire and commitment to adopt, to explore the reasons why they want to adopt, to evaluate them as prospective parents, and to provide them education about adoption. Home studies are a legal requirement in the state of Nebraska for anyone planning to pursue adoption.