Emergency Financial Assistance is available for anyone in the Jewish community who is affected financially by the virus outbreak. Our staff is hard at work to make sure every request gets answered in a timely fashion, prioritizing those in crisis. If you have a request, please call our Assistance Coordinator, Linda Cogen, at 402-334-6493.

Financial Assistance

In accordance with the philosophy of Tzedakah as articulated by Maimonides, the Jewish philosopher, the highest degree of aid is that which enables a person to become self supporting. Jewish Family Service provides financial aid to the Omaha Jewish community in many ways.

JFS has an established relationship with The Jewish Community Center (JCC) to assess the financial information of those applying for Financial Aid:

The reasons for your request may vary from a reduced rate at the JCC to financial assistance for immediate living expenses.

Community members requesting Financial Aid will be required to provide all necessary financial paperwork in order for the Assistance Council to adequately assess need. It is our goal to assess your need as expeditiously as possible and to not only help you through a crisis, but to help you gain financial stability and independence. In all situations, Jewish Family Service will treat you with the utmost dignity and respect knowing that for most people it is hard to ask for help for any reason.

Please note: This process exists in order to maintain the highest level of confidentiality of your personal financial information (which will be kept in one location at Jewish Family Service) while allowing the Jewish community to assess the effectiveness of their financial scholarship programs. Financial aid decisions will be based on financial need.