Yachad Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Yachad?

A. Yachad is a social/educational group for persons in the Jewish Community with disabilities. It is run under the umbrella of the Orthodox Union. Yachad means "Together".

Q. Do you have to be Orthodox to become a member?

A. No. Any member of the Jewish Community with a disability is welcome.

Q. Is there an age requirement?

A. No. At this time we are a group of young adults and adults but we are open to working with all ages if the need is present.

Q. What types of activities does Yachad do?

A. The group participates in a variety of activities which include religious observances and services, community service such as "Keep Omaha Beautiful" and "Teen Mitzvah Day". The group also decides what monthly social activities they would like to attend like bowling, art classes or a baseball game. Yachad also has a yearly camping trip and a Shabatton.

Q. What type of disabilities does Yachad serve?

A. Currently Yachad is serving persons with developmental disabilities. There are varying levels of challenges. Members with higher functioning and communication skills act as advocates and good friends to those members with greater needs.

Q. Can a person in a wheelchair join Yachad?

A. Yes. We have access to a wheelchair bus. The JCC and the Blumkin Home are all accessible. There may be a rare event when wheelchair accessibility is limited.

Q. How does someone join Yachad?

A. You can contact the program coordinator: Joyce Ryan at 402-670-1512 or the program assistant: Heather DiVivo-Winz at 402-830-6848. You may also call Jewish Family Service at 402-330-2024.