Welcome to Yachad!

For further information, please contact our Yachad Coordinator Heather Topil at htopil@jfsomaha.com, or call the JFS office at 402-330-2024.

The spirit of “Gemilut Hasidim” can be found in our Yachad group.

Yachad, which means “togetherness”, is made up of individuals with developmental disabilities. The group meets several times a month for a variety of spiritual, social and creative events. Support for members and families extend beyond the social network. Yachad members are eligible for respite services (when grant dollars are available) and assistance with Medicaid/Medicare and social service related issues. The goal of our members, families, staff and volunteers is to engage in activities that will nourish a valued quality of life. We share a destiny and strive to help every Yachad member obtain personal and individualized goals.


Yachad Member Registration

New members are always welcome. The most common request we currently receive by our Yachad members is to have more friends and develop more peer relationships.

If you, or a loved one, are interested in our program, please contact our Yachad Coordinator Heather Topil at htopil@jfsomaha.com, or call the JFS office at 402-330-2024.

The New Member Registration Form is required before you, or your loved one, attends one of our Yachad programs in order to better serve the prospective member and to have emergency contact information on hand to ensure the proper safety of all those involved.

Yachad Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yachad?

Yachad is a social/educational group for persons in the Jewish Community with disabilities. It is run under the umbrella of the Orthodox Union. Yachad means “Together”.

What are the requirements to become a member?

Any member of the Jewish Community with a developmental disability is welcome to attend. At the current time we are taking members over the age of 6 into our adult group.

What types of activities does Yachad do?

The group participates in a variety of activities which include religious observances and services, community services, and weekly yoga. The group also decides what monthly social activities they would like to attend like bowling, art classes or a baseball game. Yachad also has a yearly camping trip and a Shabatton.

What type of disabilities does Yachad serve?

Currently Yachad is serving persons with developmental disabilities. There are varying levels of challenges. Members with higher functioning and communication skills act as advocates and good friends to those members with greater needs.

Can a person in a wheelchair join Yachad?

Yes. We attempt to secure transportation that would allow us to serve our members who are wheelchair bound. There may be a rare event when wheelchair accessibility is limited.



How does someone join Yachad?

You can contact:

Heather Topil, Yachad Coordinator at htopil@jfsomaha.com

You may also call Jewish Family Service at 402-330-2024